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Burger King Hiring News

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About Burger King


Restaurant, Fast Food




Jacksonville, FL

Number of stores:



$2.33 billion (2011)


Bernardo Hees


Burger King is the world's second-largest hamburger fast food chain in the world, behind only McDonald's. With more than 7,000 locations in the world, chances are good that there is a Burger King hiring in your area.

How to Apply For a Job at Burger King


You can search and apply through jobs directly through StartWire. We’ll even use your profile information to fill out some of your application for you, and provide you with updates on your application so you’ll know when it’s reviewed and if you’re still being considered for the position. Apply now

Apply online

If you prefer, you can apply directly through Burger King’s hiring website at http://www.bkcareers.com. You won’t gain any advantages over using StartWire, but if you prefer to go directly through the company, you have that option available to you.

Note: You can only apply to one open position at a time.

Paper application

Many Burger King restaurants also accept paper applications. The rules may vary depending on the location, though, as many Burger Kings are franchised and may have unique hiring practices. If you’d prefer to submit a paper application, we recommend calling the location you’d like to work at to learn if paper applications are accepted there.

The Burger King Application Process


The online Burger King application is about as simple as it gets. In fact, we’ve yet to find a more straightforward and application to complete. You don’t even have to create an account to get started.

The entire application is only one page in length. You will be asked to provide your personal information (address, phone number, etc), work experience, education, and availability. There are also fields that you can use to copy and paste your resume and cover letter (if you have them available, we highly recommend doing so).

Not all stores are equipped to receive email resumes, though. In the event that the store you’re applying to is not equipped for that, you have the option to mail yours to a provided address.

Background check & drug test

Burger King does not ask for your permission to perform a background check or drug test as part of the job application. However, they may choose to request that permission at a later time during the hiring process.

How to Get Updates on Your Burger King Application

If you use StartWire to manage your Burger King application, we can provide you with updates. We’ll let you know if it’s been reviewed and if you’re still being considered for the position, so you don’t have to sit around and wonder. Sign up now

Who is Burger King Hiring?

Burger King wants to hire honest, hardworking, and dependable people to join their team. If your application lands you an interview, you should do your best to stress those qualities. Additionally, you should be sure to read through their career site to learn more about the culture and values of the organization. Presenting yourself in a way that aligns with the goals of the company is very important.

Jobs available at Burger King

In their restaurants, Burger King is always hiring team members, shift coordinators, assistant managers, and general managers. In some locations, delivery driver positions are also available.

There are many opportunities available at Burger King’s corporate headquarters, as well. As with any large office, there are a wide variety of positions available. Whether you want to work in accounting, customer service, management, IT, or sales, there just might be a job at Burger King that’s perfect for you. Search jobs

Age requirements

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Burger King, though the exact age requirements vary depending on the position you’re applying for.

Business Summary


Burger King was founded by Kieth Kramer and Matthew Burns. Today, Bernardo Hees is the CEO, Ben Wells is the CFO, and Alexandre Behring is the Chairman.


In 2011, Burger King earned $2.3 billion in revenue, making $107.8 million in net income. Their operating income was $363 million, and their equity was $1.45 billion.


Burger King was founded in 1953 by Kieth Kramer and Matthew Burns. The first store opened in Jacksonville, Florida, and was named Insta-Burger King (‘insta’ was later dropped from the name). A visit to a McDonald’s was the inspiration for founding the chain, and though they had some success, the company came on hard time. It was purchased by a pair of its franchisees, before being sold to the Pillsbury Company in 1967.

The Burger King Corporation went public in 2006, and had a very successful initial offering. However, they struggled through the recession, and have still been unable to make a full recovery.

The company changed hands many times over the years, and was most recently purchased by 3G Capital, who once again made it a privately held company.

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