Infrastructure Engineer 3

Asurion Corporation Sterling, VA
Infrastructure Automation Engineer 3

We're looking for a knowledgeable, capable, and enthusiastic Infrastructure Automation Engineer to join our team. We need someone who has development chops, an understanding of computing infrastructure, and a desire to put the two together. You'll help us in our transformation to a cloud-capable company by putting automations in place for our on-premise and AWS-based systems.

What You'll Do

* You'll manage our OpenShift Origin-based container hosting platform in support of our internal microservices architecture.

* You'll assist in managing our internal Private Cloud infrastructure running on the VMware vRealize Private Cloud Management Platform.

* You'll perform engineering and design work as we transform our infrastructure through automation on our server, storage, network, and cloud-based systems.

* You'll work with the different systems teams to help them find new ways to get tasks done without manual intervention – it cuts down on errors and gets stuff done faster.

* You'll train and mentor other team members at all levels, and you'll be trained and mentored as well as we constantly look to raise the capabilities of the entire group.

* You'll help develop microservices that interact with all sorts of systems, such as SAN technology, network infrastructure, VMware, AWS services, and more.

* You'll bring a programming mindset and best practices to the team as we move towards Infrastructure as Code model of systems deployment and administration.

What You Know

* 3 years' experience with either Microsoft or Linux server operating systems, most of that in an enterprise environment (1000 servers).

* Proven proficiency with at least one of the following languages: Python, Ruby, Go, Java, or JavaScript.

* Experience using Agile or Lean processes including Scrum or Kanban.

* Experience with version control technologies, preferably Git.

* Container hosting and orchestration technologies such as Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Amazon ECS, etc.

* Experience with cloud infrastructure such as AWS, GCE, or Azure.

* Solid understanding of microservices architecture.

* Experience with automation / configuration management tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SCCM, or DSC.

* Knowledge of virtualization technology. Our standard is VMware, but experience with Hyper-V, XenServer, etc. is still valuable for this role.

* You'll need the ability to communicate clearly with technical and non-technical people. We work with plenty of both on a regular basis.

* A well-rounded technical background is helpful, since it lets you talk to other teams using their language. Previous experience supporting networking equipment, server hardware, MSSQL or Oracle databases, SAN technology, and server applications (both MS and 3rd-party) will serve you well in this role.

* A 4-year degree in Information Science, Computer Science, or a related discipline is ideal, but what your degree is in (or even whether you have one) isn't as important as your knowledge and professional experience.

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